Artificial intelligence for a better world

We are building the next generation of artificial intelligence tools for social impact with open source technologies available within an "all-in-one" software called Ares Chat and a secured web browser hosting users data in Europe.



images generated by Ares Creative
+400 PROJECTS in THE WORLD using our ARIA models



AES256 Encryption for Chat




including French & Asian languages

About us

We are game changers from Europe to the world.

William. Elong _ C.E.O

Ex-Thales,MBA,Over 4 National Excellence Awards & TEDxBonanjo Organizer.

Featured in Forbes 30 under 30 ,Le Monde, BBC, Deutshe Welle, Jeune Afrique etc…

Monaco Day One Young Leader

USA Gov IVLP Program Fellow

Ranked among most influencial entrepreneurs in Africa.

Youngest ever graduate from Economic Warfare school of Paris at 20 years old.

UAV Pilot & Cybersecurity Consultant


We’re open source

Our models are available on Hugging Face so anyone ,anywhere can use them and get our technical support.


We are different

Our team is living across France,Belgium ,African and Asia with over 10 years of cumulated experience for large cybersecurity organizations, non profits and tech companies. Our founders won several international awards for their contribution in the tech field like Forbes 30 under 30, featured in Le Monde, BBC etc…


Our values & community

Empowering people with coding skills around the world with AI and data safety. Faraday lab has gathered more than 45000 users within 30 countries over 5 continents to around our text-to-image and chat tools.


We believe in impact

Our company core value is social impact by giving access to coding skills, general knowledge and e-learning accross the world using AI as an online and offline education tool built with local languages.

Features & Services

training for LLMS & Secured File sharing.

Our models are trained with Rope Scaling for context extension and chain of toughts prompting.

Ares chat is a collaborative platform which allows you to share file, communicate with your team and AI within an ecosystem secured by Citadel API from Thales.

Data quality & All-in-One Assistant for  Banking/Chat

We focus more on data sourcing than quantity of data to train our models. As example, our Aria models are trained on high quality talks from French parliament.

Ares is giving you within one ecosystem: a browser, a chat model connected to your banking services and web search.


Our model inferences and API are hosted in the cloud. We can deploy models in private clouds trained on the customer data within 20 days.

Minimum budget: 500k USD.

We provide API for organizations as self service on Ares chat and Ars Creative.

Website & Chatbot Design

We can build website and web apps with integrated chatbots. We scale open source models which are faster and less GPU consuming because of the hugging face inference ,AWS Cloud and Nvidia GPUs we are using the scale.

Our team can build customized model for any organization in a very short timeframe.



OPEN SOURCE TOOLS ARE BUILT BY COMMUNITIES FOR COMMUNITIES. ARIA models are based on the best Open source AI models in the world, Falcon 40B (Open assistant version) , LLAMA 2 ,Code LLAMA , Stabble Diffusion XL 1.0 , GPT4ALL .

ARIA CODE is a model dedicated to coding learning and education available on Ares Chat.

Read more about our models on Hugging face

You can learn about our finetuning process on AWS with Reply ,our data strategy, software architecture ,and benchmarks on our Hugging Face page for each model we deployed.




cODING TOKENS  ARIA CODE (Finetuned model based on CODE LLAMA 34B Instruct)

What makes Faraday a unique startup in the world?

We believe in AI for good and we strongly trust in people capacities to use open source for the common interest. Ares is a freemium suite, allowing to anyone,anywhere to have access to artificial intelligence tools as alternatives to closed source solutions like ChatGpt and Midjourney.

  • Open Source & a super cool team 😎
  • Trained over 20.000 tokens in French and European,African languages.
  • Available offline without internet
  • ALL-IN-ONE TOOL for images & text generation
  • Users data hosted in France on GDPR Compliant servers
  • Ethic and social impact with a model built for Code Learning around the world.
  • Connected to a large set of APIs to gather banking, web search, transportation services …in ONE AI Chat tool within your secured browser.

Most LLMS are trained today on mostly “English” datasets. We noticed that by training models on French, and multilingual datasets, we can reduce data bias, make AI more inclusive and get better quality replies and perspectives.

We have 2 tools : Aria Chat (all in one) allowing users to generate text ,coding courses/images and Ares Creative for text-to-image only.


Built on powerful Nvidia GPUS within 24 hours of training.

We value our corporate and government customers time, that’s why Faraday team has speed and quality as a core value.

Ethics & Bias

We are working on including datasets as diverse as possible including those from Asia, Latin America, Africa and sources from low-income countries and “non-english” languages often not included in AI models training.

Over 4 billion people are not speaking english, so multilingual and multicultural datasets are a critical point.

Our ecosystem of partners

Check out our users gallery. If you want to get featured here, send your best pic generated on Ares Creative to


Ares creative

Ares creative is really a way for me to express ideas quickly coming to my mind

Ares chat

I was looking for a tool allowing me to do everything in one place and Ares chat allows me to do that.

I really like it

As a french native speaker, I was sometimes frustrated by the tone of most AI models and their lack of creativity.Ares chat is giving me a different vibe and has a personality.

Ares is my coding teacher

I always wanted to learn python but I could not afford to pay coding courses.Ares Chat is not perfect but it really helped me to jump into my junior developer journey and get basics for coding.

Ares creative will let you unleash your creativity using the best open source tools available in the world. Our tool is powered by Stabble Diffusion XL 1.0 and running on Amazon Web Service cloud with NVIDIA GPUs

Our architecture is open and scalable, we host models in the cloud with AWS ,thanks to Amazon France Startup teams and REPLY support.

While we keep user details on another server by LWS in France whic is under GDPR Compliance..

Proudly supported by Nvidia Inception Program & Amazon France Startup program!

Team & members

William Elong
THE ceo
Julien Auba
Charles Hidier
THE coo
Cypre Mbang

Blog news

Here we’ll share Ares project news.

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